My Kakashi plushie arrived in the mail today! ^____________^

A very pleasant surprize, as I wasn't expecting it till tommorow. I took a bunch of pictures, so go to the random page and see him *so cute!!!!!*




I'm avoiding work...can you tell?

Japanese vocab word of the day: Mina-San - Everyone.

P.S. My mind is officially blown - I just found that Iruka-Sensei's seiyuu also did Legato Bluesummer's voice **doki!** from Trigun! I would never have guessed - they sound so different.


Added really ugly watermark signatures to all my stuff in the gallery after panicking when I realized all other artists, on- and off-line, seem to do this (not that their's are all ugly ^^;;). Hopefully I will find a more aesthetic way to do this soon...


The promised gallery update has come to pass, huzzah. As I mentioned, I will resume my pursuit of academic excellence very soon (tommorrow), so this may be the last update for a bit. I should think I would at least be able to update on most weekends, assuming I have anything new but...we'll see.

That being said, I would like to make public an idea I've been kicking around for some time. I've always been interested in illustration and, more recently, illustrating manga. My problem is that I can't come up with a decent plot or storyline. I mean I really couldn't write my way out of a...what's the expression? Out of a plastic bag? Anyway. If you have a wonderful idea for a comic but aren't the artistic type, let me know! It could just be a standard short story which I would adapt into manga, or actual scripts for each page, or whatever. It just has to have a real, beginning-middle-end plot; I don't want a concept or tagline ('Bishounen amnesiac android and spunky catgirl bountyhunter team up in postapocalyptic Tokyo') because I can think of plenty of those ^^.

So...if you've got a plot, speak now! My drawing abilities are...well, you can see the gallery and decide for yourself. Frankly, I think it's better than a lot of fan art one sees on the internet, although not half as good as the exceptions (see my links). Also, I have never done anything like this before so I'm playing it totally by ear...anyway, if I haven't scared you off, give me a holler.

Sorry to talk your figurative ears off. It's the last you'll hear from me in a while, so it will have to last a while ^^

Japanese vocab word of the day: Aki - Autumn.


Hello! I haven't died, despite all appearances to the contrary. I just spent a long, boring week away from the internet and everything else I hold dear. Fortunately this gave me lots of time to draw, so I will have many shiny new things to look at in the gallery soon. Unfortunately school is starting soon, which will almost certainly mean these frequent updates will slow down considerably ;_; I've no idea how everything will work out...only time will tell...

Japanese vocab word of the day: Jubi - Preparation.


More stuff! First, my extensive links page, but that's been up for a while. Secondly, *3* brand new categories of fanart in the gallery, plus some new original stuff! Go get 'em, gumshoes! (What, no one else ever watched 'Where in the World is Carmen San Diego'?! Come on people!)

And sorry about all the ads...they seem to be multiplying... :(

Japanese vocab word of the day: Tabemono - Food! Everyone likes food. Mmmm...


A nice, simple layout now, in keeping with my limited html ability. Also, much more importantly, the first-ever art in the gallery! YATTA! As you will soon see, it is all very rough, sketchy art that barely registered on my scanner. But the important thing is that there's art there. I'm euphoric :p

Random Japanese vocab word of the day: Irashaimase- Welcome (often said to a customer or visitor entering a business of some sort).